Overseas Visitor Cover (OVC)

Overseas Visitor Cover (OVC)

If someone willing to get in Australia for studies or job for a short period of time, then the person has to apply for the Over Visitor Cover health insurance which is very important for the visitors. If the main applicant has dependents with them, then their health cover insurance will be included with the person. The application for the health insurance should be applied along with the visa application. The health insurance coverage has many benefits of it, some are listed below

  • Cost coverage of ambulance.
  • Accommodation charges of private and public hospitals.
  • Funeral benefits.
  • Doctor fees
  • Medical charges.

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Under this section, if you are visiting Australia with your family then you and your family members will be needed health insurance and have to include this in the same visa application. If you want to grant a 457 visa, you must make required arrangements for health insurance for both you and your family.

Before your OSHC expires students have to convert their health insurance from Overseas Student Health Cover to Oversea Visitor Cover, as a part of Temporary Graduate visa 485.

Short Stay Visitor Cover

The insurance is benefits for those who are coming to Australia for short period of time such as, for working holidays and non-working visas 417, 462, 476, 600, 601 and more. if someone is visiting Australia for temporary work and short visit or students willing to study for a short time of period, then they have to consider a Short Stay Visitors Cover (SSVC). The cover helps people to guarantee that this health insurance will cover the cost of medical treatment if the person gets sick and if the person, unfortunately, has an accident.

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