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Educating and Consulting the right way for the most important Event in life i.e. EDUCATION.

Who we are

We at SK Education Services work with you all along-from finding the right placement to getting you ready to enter the workforce and competing with top professionals in your industry. Through a work integrated learning process, personality grooming from experienced professionals, and continued support during the entire process including interview guidance and career advice. We tap into your immense potential ensuring that our students have the edge over the competition.

We find internships for international and local students relevant to their field of study so they can grow professionally and learn valuable workplace skills that cannot be taught in a classroom.

Our philosophy

At SK Education Services we believe that to be successful in today’s ever-changing, extremely competitive workplace, it is of utmost importance to distinguish yourself from the competition through a strong academic background, a well-rounded personality, and real time hands on experience of working with professionals in your field.

We believe that businesses today do not only look for excellent academic records but also the ability to communicate with your peers, work well in teams and show the willingness to learn and get better. We work with our students from the time they walk through our doors, helping them with their resumes, preparing them for future interviews, and teaching them proper workplace behaviour giving them the best possible chance to showcase their skills and putting them in a position to succeed.

What sets us apart?

We believe that internship is not what students look for after graduation, in fact, it is an opportunity that gives them a chance to work in the field of their study. Business, on the other hand, does not just want someone who has done an internship but are looking for candidates who have experience in the industry.

We at SK Education Services make sure that we match students with companies where they get to work in their area of interest. Our goal is to find internships for students where they get to do real work with industry experts so that they can get the most out of their time doing the internship. Such an experience goes a long way in the

About us

Our team at Sk Education work for people and with people. Our work is for showing and guiding students for getting in the right industry at right place. Here we prepare willing people for their best growth and competing with top professionals in their industry. By a work united teaching process, personality grooming from experienced professionals, and we continually support during the whole process along with guiding for various steps in the professional field like interview and other and also give advice for building better career.

We inculcate skills in people to make sure that our students show their best of them in competition. We also provide international and local students opportunities of internship to their relevant field to study practical knowledge which students can’t get from classroom study.

Our Aim

In this though, challenging and competitive world we understand that how much advanced knowledge and skills are required to get into the better workplace. Now it has become very important thing for people for distinguishing themselves from the world with strong academic background, well-managed personality (in every way) and hands on experience of working with professionals in their field. Our team believe that business today do not only look for excellent academic record but professional also see many different qualities in a person such as the ability to cope up with each situation, work well with team, show willingness to learn new things each time, to get better. We also stay with our students from the very first day in institute, for helping them and teaching them to go through all the future interviews, we help them in building resume, preparing for future workplace and also teaching them the behavior for proper workplace. These all the guidance put them in height of excellence and in a position to succeed more.

Why choose Sk Education?

We have years of experience in guiding students in a right way, so that they can do much well in their career field. Through the training at our institute we make sure that our students will get the opportunity to in best companies in Australia with the help of our contacts there. In our internships programs we modify each students’ skills with all the tools of success for making the door for them in Australia in high classed companies so that they can achieve their goals and can get success in life.

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